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All fans of Lucas, unite!♥ I have a lot of plans for this page and I'm sure Lucas will be amazed if we show him once more how much his fans love him so join us and we'll have a great time :D

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Lucas birthday video piazon id facebook
Is lucas still dating maria??

No my dear they broke up since a long time!

Lucas Piazon with Ademilson Braga
Lucas with Friends in Estádio do Morumbi
Lucas with fans at Estádio do Morumbi
Did u see the last pic that Lukas post on instagram? How is she?

Yes I did! She is his best friend!
There is photos of them before, when he was still dating Maria so she isn’t more than a friend!

Did you know if lucas has a girlfriend ?

No he has no girlfriend well as far as I know he has none!

Hi. So in the United States it's really hard to find any news on Lucas piazon. 😥 which sucks. So this is a really big question, but if you can answer it I will love you forever. 😘 can you fill me in on any news with him? Soccer news? Girlfriend? Family etc. 😍 I hope so.

Well hello beautiful! 😘
It is hard to get any news from the media here too but I try to search the latest news in the internet!
Well honey I can tell some general news:
• He is back from his loan and he is with Chelsea again!
• He was called up for the Brazil under21 team and they won the final in Toulon *yay*
• His family and him are now in Brazil, exactly in São Paolo
•Lucas is still single after he broke up with Maria Montoro he hadn’t officially date anyone!
•He got a tattoo of his sister,Juliana, photo when she was young.
•He got another tattoo on his right arm but I still couldn’t read it since there is no close photo for it!!
•Yesterday he spend the day with his friends and there is a lot of photos I’ll be posting after a while:)
•He didn’t play the final against France U21 but he played in the game Against Qatar and he also scored :D

These are some news and I’m welling to answer any other question that you want to know and I haven’t included in this one!
Hope you’ll have a good day my friend 😘